Pottery by Sandy Der -


by: Sandy  |  

Sandy’s introduction to pottery began in her senior year in High School where she learned how to throw pots on the kick wheel under the guidance of Stanley Grosse. Most exciting was a chance to do a raku fire in the HS parking lot. She continued dabbling in clay in her freshman year at UC Davis but other priorities took over. In the back of her mind, she thought one day I will have my own studio.

Flash forward to 2008 when she met Nicky Royce, a retired high school ceramics instructor, who set up a teaching studio in her Berkeley home. Dreams do come true. After a year of taking classes, Sandy finally decided to go off on her own and set up a studio in a corner of the detached garage of her home.

As a chef, she is focused on functional ware for the kitchen. Much research goes into making sure her clays and glazes are safe and durable for food use.

She mixes her own glazes and fires her work in an electric L & L e18S-3 to cone 6.


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